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SoulCollage® with Suzanne DuFour

Saturday, July 28, 2018

12:30pm – 4:30pm

In this workshop you will learn about SoulCollage®, its history and principles, and Sue will provide guidance though the card making process. Individuals will be provided with 3 blank cards to make during the workshop. Some people may wish to make more cards as the creative process takes over, and extra kits will be available for purchase. Images and other card making materials (glue, scissors, etc) will be provided for use during the workshop.

Individuals attending are asked to bring extra magazines to share with the group to increase the variety of image types that are available.


Fee $80

Workshop to be held at the Angel Quest Center.

400 Lake Street Office E 

Ramsey, NJ 07446


To sign up please click the link below:

SoulCollage® is a magical and intuitive collage making process through which you create your own unique deck of cards with each card representing a different aspect or facet of energy of the multi faceted person you are. Each deck of SoulCollage® cards include various suits in the way playing cards or tarot cards are designed. Following the creation of the cards prompts are used to allow the creator of the cards to give the cards energy. The cards can be used for personal readings and insight into various areas of one’s life.

Soul Collage® can be used a variety of therapeutic and non-therapeutic groups and settings including topics such as but not limited to:




Celebration in Life 

New Birth

Personal Growth


Self Awareness

Career Direction


Vision Angels

In this course you will learn to connect to your Angels and Spirit Guides to create a visual representation of your Angel, Guide and or their gift to you to help you on your soul's path.  


This course will combine mediation, doll making and journaling techniques. 

Your Angels and Guides are ready to help you break through the creative challenges that hold you back from living your Soul's Purpose.

Find their message for you!

 More Details on how to sign up for this course coming soon!

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