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Art Therapy for both
Grief and Growth.

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What does it mean to be able to create art that both eases your mind and touches your soul?

How do you find that connection between feeling the before’s and the after’s of life?

You may be experiencing some challenging and emotional things right now.

Maybe you feel like the rug was pulled out from under you?

Are major life changing events leaving you feeling lost, anxious or depressed? You might even be feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, feelings or situation. Do you feel a lack of support that leaves you feeling unease? 

I offer compassionate and effective psychotherapy services for adults, children and teens in New Jersey. Specializing in grief, loss, resource parents (foster) / adoptive parents and those children who are both in the foster care system and those who have been adopted.

 I am committed to helping you find your personal strengths creating balance in your life leaving your feeling more empowered.

If you have experienced a significant loss, you might struggle with feelings of not feeling complete or that you could have done something differently.  I will show you how you can work through those feelings and resolve your pain. We will work together to understand your situation and find the root causes of your emotions creating distress and unease.  I will help you learn about how previous life experiences can affect your life today and work with you to help resolve them.

In order to discuss what you might need at this time and how I can help, please contact me for a free consultation.

Currently, I am offering in-person as well as online sessions. Let’s do what’s best for you!

Expressive Art Therapy sessions area help you find yourself within the art materials or sand as you create.  The process of creating is much more important than the final outcome of an image. It is within the process of creation where you are able to find healing and growth. 

Collage by Suzanne DuFour
Mixed Media Collage by Suzanne DuFour
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